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Update on Gaza Community Kitchen

Community kitchen now operational in Khan Younis

May 21 Update:

Although they were forced to suspend operations during the chaotic evacuations from Rafah, we are thankful to report that Wefaq’s community kitchen is once again serving women and their families in Gaza.

The fact that Wefaq staff were able to pivot quickly and achieve this humanitarian feat — with serious risk to their personal safety — is astonishing and admirable. Their unwavering dedication and your financial support are helping feed the people of Palestine at this ever-tumultuous time.

Today's update reported an incredible 4,700 people served. 

  • Report Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2024
  • Target Groups: IDPs in Al Mawasi, IDPs surrounding Al-Aqsa University, and families near the community kitchen in Khan Younis
  • Impact: 10 pots of lentils were cooked, serving an estimated 4,700 total number of people today

As optimistic as this news is, huge challenges remain. 

Due to the closure of the main crossings, there is no cooking gas available. Consequently, the community kitchen operated today using firewood stoves, which required more time and effort. Collecting the wood necessary for the stoves was a significant hardship for staff.

As uncertainty continues in Gaza, we and our partners are doing everything possible to serve those in need. Thank you for your ongoing support.

April, 10 Update

Like so many, I am deep in six months of grief over the death and destruction happening in Gaza and fear for the safety of those held captive. Over 34,000 precious lives have already been lost in this horrific conflict. Last week's senseless death of World Central Kitchen (WCK) staff proves that no one is safe in a warzone. Over 200 humanitarian aid workers have now been killed in Gaza.

The food that WCK and others have been providing to the people of Gaza is nothing short of lifesaving. Their pause in operations is having a widespread impact on all international aid — a devastating setback as half of the 2.2 million people in Gaza face catastrophic levels of hunger. WCK has been one of the players in food provision for the community kitchen we are funding in Rafah refugee camp, run by our local partner Wefaq.  

The short update: Wefaq’s community kitchen in Gaza is still operational.

The long update: We do not know how much longer the kitchen can continue. Wefaq is using stored warehouse items of beans, lentils, rice, and oil, which they had received some time ago as a donation from WCK, to make hot meals for women and their families. Those supplies will last for a few more weeks.  

Wefaq staff are also using your donations to purchase vegetables and spices from local markets. However, the cost of these items has gone up drastically given short supply and high demand. Wefaq is leaning on other provision partners to usher in shelf-stable essentials through various checkpoints, and we hope they can cover the gap left by WCK’s pause. Our colleagues are determined to continue serving their community for as long as they are able, despite the huge risks. 

None of this is fair and none of this is easy.

We will keep you updated on the situation as more information becomes available. Thank you for your generosity and your humanity.

Palestine Woman Behind Fence
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