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We Need Your Help: Financial Times Seasonal Appeal 

Women for Women International has an amazing opportunity. We have been selected as one of two non-profit partners to be featured in the Financial Times. If you are an employee there, please vote for Women for Women International to be your charity partner for 2017-18. Together we can shine a light on the women behind the news stories, the millions of women around the world who have been affected by conflict.

Our Impact in 2016

Our vision is to create a world in which all women reach their full potential. Since 1993, we have helped more than 462,000 marginalized women in countries affected by war and conflict.    


The Yezidi women who fled from ISIS terror

“Our neighbor knocked at the door and asked ‘Why are you not escaping?’” Seve told us, “‘They are kidnapping girls and killing men,’ so we decided to run away and not take anything with us.”


Engaging men as allies in Afghanistan

“But now, we don’t treat [our wives] like we treated them before...even my wife asked me, ‘Why have you suddenly changed?’” says Ghulam, with a smile. “I say it was because of the village’s scholars and the program that we participated in.”