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Welcome Our New Board Leadership and Members

After more than six years as the chair of our Global Board, Jan Rock Zubrow has passed the baton. At the Women for Women International global board meeting on June 23, Amjad Atallah and Delaney Steele stepped into the role as our new co-chairs. 

Jan’s leadership led to an expansion of our vision and ambition. During her tenure WfWI concluded a successful $75 million Match Her Courage Campaign and developed an ambitious new strategy for growth in impact and influence.  

Amjad and Delaney’s combined leadership and philanthropic experience will build on Jan’s legacy and push us to reach not just thousands of women survivors of war and conflict, but millions. Amjad, co-founder of Women for Women International and managing director of Doha Debates, has the insight to keep us tied to our roots and Delaney, Executive Vice President of Strategy, Marketing and Product Sourcing and Services for Ross Stores, will offer her immense knowledge of organizational management. Together, they have a profound skillset to innovate new ways for women around the world to find their power. 

In addition to Amjad and Delaney’s new roles, several world-renowned professionals have joined our Global Board over the last year that we would like to welcome including Rania Atalla, Monique McKenzie and Anoushka Mehta. 

Rania Atalla 

Rania, a mental health specialist, educator, and psychotherapist currently operating a private psychology practice in Amman, Jordan, has uniquely deep knowledge of the mental health of women survivors of war and conflict which she has previously honed as the U.S. Executive Director for Women for Women International. Prior to her work in the mental health sphere, Rania worked at the Royal Hashemite Court of Jordan as Queen Rania’s first Chief of Staff and subsequently King Abdullah II’s Communications Director. With this unique background combining Women for Women International, diplomatic, and health background, Rania will provide a fresh perspective on how to tailor our programs to women not only in Iraq and Afghanistan, but around the world. 

Monique McKenzie 

Monique McKenzie, the Beauty, Style & Emerging Culture Communications Lead at Instagram, has over 14 years of experience in designing integrated communications campaigns to build global communities digitally including her previous role as the Head of Lifestyle Communications at Facebook. Monique’s career spans several areas, but her work has revolved around uplifting the voices of women of color through brand innovation and storytelling. Monique’s lifelong dedication to equity and the power of women of color will influence our Global Board for years to come. 

Anoushka Mehta 

In her role as Founder and Head of Gender Lens Finance at HSBC, Anoushka Mehta leads initiatives to extend financing and resources to women globally. With her longstanding ambition in finding ways to give women and girls the power to succeed, Anoushka is already playing a vital role in Women for Women International’s growth, taking up leadership of our Revenue and Advancement Committee. 

Jan has made an impact that will shape our future for decades to come. She has attracted and supported a strong new generation of leadership at staff and board level. We are grateful for her continued service as she will continue to hold a place on our Global Board and support the mission that she has helped champion for all these years. 

Join us in thanking Jan and welcoming Amjad, Delaney, Rania, Monique and Anoushka to our team and thank you for continuing to inspire our leadership and staff to fight for gender equality. Women survivors of war and conflict hold power yet to be unleashed, but with a network of support like ours, women everywhere can find their power.