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Connect to Networks for Support


From village savings and loan associations to stress management sessions, women have each other to rely on for support, strength, and solidarity amid conflict and displacement.

Conflict, violence, and displacement tears families and communities apart. Our training brings 25 women from the same community together to rebuild networks they have lost, or never had. Together, they share experiences, ideas, and resources. They invest in businesses and work to find solutions to common challenges and opportunities for change.

Why it matters: Connecting with other women is a source of strength and provides new social and economic opportunities for growth.

What our graduates report: More women say they share information about their rights with other women – 55 percent report educating another woman about their rights two years after graduation, compared to 35 percent at enrollment.

The average woman in our program:
Icon Women 2
31-40 years old
two interlocking rings representing marriage
icon of an apple on top of a book, representing education
No formal education

Change Social Norms

No society can prosper when half the population is prevented from reaching their full potential. Through our programs, we help communities shift their rules that specify what women can and should do to clear the social barriers that limit the success of women, their families and the community itself.  

Hero woman smiling Afghanistan photo credit Millie Harvey

”Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.” —Dalai Lama