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Escalating War in Sudan: Act Now

Right now, women in Sudan are in imminent danger. 

Over the past few months, there has been intensifying conflict and instability unfolding in Sudan, with heavy artillery bombardments between two rival military groups engaged in open warfare. As a result, millions of women and girls are at risk.

Over 3,000 people have been killed, over 3 million have been uprooted from their homes, and countless others are trapped without access to basic necessities such as electricity, food, and running water. Grave human rights abuses such as sexual violence are rampant. The fighting shows no signs of stopping, and supplies are running low. To make matters worse, climate-related catastrophes like severe flooding and increased droughts have led to the destruction of farmlands and the outbreak of disease like cholera—making it progressively challenging for women to obtain essential resources for survival.


It's time for urgent action. Pledge your support for Sudanese women below.

Rabia, a Sudanese woman who is based near Khartoum where most of the conflict is erupting, describes the chaos. Despite calls for ceasefires she is constantly hearing bombings and gunfire, while witnessing the dealth and malnourishment of children. 

“There is no ceasefire. The bombing and shooting continues day and night.”  

Rush Aid Now

Through our Conflict Response Fund partners, we're distributing flour, sugar, rice, oil, and non-food essentials like soap and sanitary pads to women-led households.

We are also providing support trauma-informed counseling, flashlights, and rape whistles to prevent violence against women. 

In 2018, we launched our Conflict Respond Fund in order to act quickly and invest in women in emerging conflict zones around the world. Through our non-partisan approach and responsive grants, Women for Women International is able to track crises in real time, identify credible partners on the ground and allocate resources to meet the urgent needs of women survivors, no matter what side of a conflict they are on.

women Sudan
With violence erscalating in Sudan, women urgently need support. You can make a life-changing difference with your emergency gift right now.