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How Can We Support Women Refugees?

Today, we're looking at the highest number of recorded people forcibly displaced—and women refugees endure the deepest injustices. After flashpoints of crises and conflict, the world's attention moves on but women must survive without basic resources such as food and water in communities that put women's needs and voices last.

But women have the power to bring peace.

We stand with refugee and displaced women because every woman deserves safety, stability, and agency over her own life. And we see that when women find and use their voices, they reinvest their power in the future of their families and to rebuild their communities.

This World Refugee Day, show your solidarity with refugee women who are using their power to rebuild their lives and communities.

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Did you know we could add over $1 trillion to the world’s annual GDP by investing in refugee women’s economic power? If that shocked you, read these other surprising statistics—then share them to educate others.

5 Facts: What Refugee Women Face

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Women across our global community have shared what they’ve survived and their hopes for the future. Get to know them. Help others hear her voice.

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Join the #WFWIBookClub and supporters around the world in reading this month’s book, “We Are Displaced” by Malala Yousafzai. As you read, chat with fellow book club members on Facebook.

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Invest in the power of refugee and displaced women through the Stronger Women, Stronger Nations program, which connects women to resources, knowledge, skills—and to each other—to rebuild their lives and communities.

Support women's power

In Her Shoes, What Would You Do?

At each step of their journey, refugees have to make difficult decisions in order to survive. Take a moment to imagine what you would do when faced with these impossible choices...