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Help Forge Her Path to Success, Sponsor a Sister


Your monthly gift of $35 will support your sister through a yearlong training program that gives her the tools she needs to support her children and transform her life forever.

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Your Gift Changes Women's Lives. 
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UPDATE: In this difficult time, the health and safety of the women we serve and our staff are our highest priority. Therefore, all our country offices had suspended in-person trainings and gatherings to prevent the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus. As contexts around COVID-19 change in some locations and governments ease restrictions, our staff will carefully and gradually begin resuming in-person trainings. Sponsors whose sister returns to continue her training will be able to continue sponsoring the same woman.  

Where in-person trainings remain suspended, our programs and staff continue to support women through innovative methods, providing accurate health information and connecting women with resources they may‚ÄĮneed.

Sadly, this means that until we can enroll new women in the program, we will not be able to match any new sponsors with a new sister in the interim. 

You can learn more about how we are responding to COVID-19 during suspension and resuming trainings here. 

Although we are not able to enroll new groups of women right now, please don’t let that stop you from signing up to sponsor a sister today. With your continued sponsorship support we’re developing new and innovative ways to stay in touch with program participants and recent graduates, share essential health information with whole communities, and continue to provide lifechanging wellness, economic and social empowerment training resources to our sisters. By signing-up to sponsor a sister now, you are helping us to ensure that we are able to continue our essential program and enroll even more women into our training as soon as it is safe to do so. 

We look forward to being able to introduce you to your new sister as soon as we can. In the meantime, to learn more and stay up to date, you can view our COVID-19 response page which is being updated regularly with information from the field. If you have any questions about the status of our program, you can always reach us at sponsorship@womenforwomen.org.

As a sponsor, you pledge to contribute a monthly fee to support one individual woman in our yearlong program of vocational and business skills training, rights awareness, and health education. Your support will provide the tools and resources your sister needs to rebuild her life. Your monthly contributions will also help your sister obtain basic necessities for her family, like food, clean water, and medicine; to pay school-related expenses for her children; to start building family savings; or to use the funds as seed capital to start a business. Perhaps more importantly, the emotional support that your sponsorship and letters provide serves as a lifeline to a woman who may have otherwise lost everything.