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My name is Beatrice: Reclaiming My Rights

“I heard about Women for Women from my sister who graduated from the program six years ago. She encouraged me to join, and to make sure that I participated fully, in order to reap the full benefit of the program.”

Beatrice is a widow raising five children, including two girls and three boys.

Beatrice has a plot of land that she farms, which provides the main source of food for her family. “I only sell produce after taking care of my family’s needs. Before the program, I did not have any other source of income, and my circumstances were very difficult. Things got worse when a man in my village contested my ownership of the piece of land,” says Beatrice.

“Through the trainings, I summoned up the courage to settle the matter of land ownership.” Beatrice took her case to the local court. “I made my case, and presented my ownership documents for the land as proof that I was the rightful owner. That very day the case was resolved and the land was confirmed as mine. The man who tried to contest my land was told to stay away from it. I found my courage and my voice, and today, I remain the owner of the land.”

Beatrice grows palm trees and other crops on her land, and she plans to continue to use what she harvests to support her family. “I am happy that I have gotten back both my land and the palms that grow on it. They will continue to feed my family and help me to earn some money,” says Beatrice.

Your encouragement as a sponsor can help women like Beatrice overcome hardship, find their courage, and pave a path forward. 

The photo accompanying this article features a Women for Women graduate, however, for privacy or security concerns, it is not an image of the woman described in the article.