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My Name is Habiba: A Great Deed

I studied until 3rd grade at the school, but I had to drop out due to 2017 conflict in our region in Myanmar. Since then, I just stayed at home and helped my mother and sisters cook and do housework. 

I learned about this program when CSI* built a Community Learning Center in our village. I wanted to get an opportunity to continue my education in the center to fulfill my wish to become an educated person.  
I want to be an educated person like our teacher. I believe my dream will come true if I continuously study in the classes provided by CSI funded by Women for Women International. If I go to school, my parents will have to spend money on education fees, and here I can learn for free, which is very helpful for my parents as well as we struggle financially. 

I really like playing games to recall our old lessons. It is fun, and at the same time, it helps me remember what I have learned. My favorite class topic is “Helping” because I realize that helping people in need is a great deed. My behavior, habits, attitude, and communication have changed since I started my training, and I learned how to communicate myself clearly. I also shared my knowledge with my sisters when I return home from class.

"If, as a society, we could live together peacefully and have a good relationship, we would be able to solve every problem with a better solution, and we could learn from each other culture and language."  

In the future, I would like to work in an organization like our teacher. I also want to teach in my community, which will benefit our community and me. I want to thank CSI and Women for Women International for giving me the education I need.  


*Through our partnership with the Center for Social Integrity (CSI), a locally registered NGO, we are supporting Rohingya women and adolescent girls to improve their basic literacy, numeracy, and skills, and to build their capacity to become more meaningfully engaged within their communities. Learn more by clicking here.

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Your donation will help provide women survivors of war a safe space for rehabilitation as well as medical care that includes psychological and gynecological consultations with doctors.