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Syria Earthquake Response

The devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Northwest Syria is a tragedy that follows more than a decade of conflict in the region. Urgent action for women is needed.

The situation in Northwest Syria is dire. The devastating earthquake and its aftershocks have deepened trauma for women already facing 11 years of conflict in the region. This is compounded by freezing winter conditions to create an even harsher environment that will take years to recover from. 

Aid is still not reaching the damaged areas of Northwest Syria. We must act fast.  

“An earthquake knows no borders, so why do borders deprive civilians from the right of being rescued.”  

We are raising critical funds to meet the immediate needs of our local partners in Syria who are severely impacted by this disaster to cover the evacuation and relocation costs to temporary safer places. We are also looking to provide emergency cash allowance to support them to restart as well as emergency psychosocial support. 

Your Help Is Needed:

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How you can get involved:



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Join Women for Women International and our partner organization–Women Now for Development–by adding your name to our petition as we urge governments and the international community to immediately provide humanitarian aid to Northwest Syria.

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Give an emergency donation to help us reach as many women as possible in Syria. We are in a race against time.

Your emergency gift will support our partner in Northwest Syria address their most urgent needs in the immediate term: 

  • Covering the urgent evacuation and relocation costs 

  • Helping with temporary shelter and housing 

  • Providing emergency cash assistance to cover basic necessities and services 

  • Delivering crucial psychosocial support for women and families enduring this horrific disaster 

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Even before the earthquake, women in Syria have been living through more than a decade of intense civil war. More than 6.6 million Syrians have been forced to flee their country since 2011 and another 6.7 million people remain internally displaced.

Women in crisis and disaster zones are at greater risk of sexual violence, domestic abuse, trafficking, child marriage, and financial demands of the entire family. And the needs of women—pregnancy care, birth control, period products, trauma-informed psychosocial care—are often overlooked or ignored during humanitarian response after conflict or natural disasters. That is unacceptable.

You can make an immediate difference by elevating these issues and taking action now. TWEET >>

Earthquake in Syria Deepens Trauma for Women

Working with women in conflict-affected countries for 30 years, we know that natural disasters only worsen the situation for people already facing unimaginable challenges. It is women—already deeply socially and economically marginalized—who have the hardest time recovering and rebuilding their lives in the wake of a crisis. 

Through the Conflict Response Fund, we invest in opportunities for Syrian women and girls to rebuild their lives. 

About Our Work in Syria and Our Crisis Response:

WfWI has been operating in Northwest Syria since 2020 through our local partner, Women Now for Development (WND), supporting adolescent girls and women survivors of war to rebuild their lives. We have been operating in various regions at different points in time, including Idlib and currently in Mare’a, Aleppo, in Northwest Syria through grants provided to WND.  

We are working urgently to assist our colleagues at Women Now for Development in Northwest Syria and Gaziantep, TĂĽrkiye who have been severely affected by the earthquake.

Funds raised will help our WND colleagues in Türkiye and Syria address their most urgent needs in the immediate term, including covering evacuation and relocation costs, emergency cash assistance and psychosocial support.  

Once they are able to restart operations, your funds will enable our WND colleagues to support program participants in Aleppo in receiving the urgent care they need to rebuild their lives and then for the women to be able to resume their classes in the training program. 

Share Your Voice by Using #EarthquakesKnowNoBorders

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This impact of the earthquake in Northwest Syria will be devastating to women for years to come. You can help meet their immediate and long-term needs.