About the Women We Serve in Northern Iraq

Women we serve have been forced to flee homes in Iraq and Syria

1 in 4 Syrian refugee families is headed by a woman

82% of Syrian refugee women live in daily fear of abuse or aggression

Years of conflict and instability in Iraq and neighboring Syria have forced millions of people to flee their homes. Today, there are more than four million refugees and internally displaced people in Iraq, with many living in the relatively stable northern Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). Despite the lack of economic opportunity and near constant threats of gender-based violence in refugee camps and host communities, women are determined to rebuild their lives and keep their families together.

Women like Amal are determined to forge a new path, and willing to take the risks.

Amal's Story

Our Impact

In response to the ongoing crisis in the region, Women for Women International is working with local organizations in the KRI to support Syrian and Yezidi women who have been forced to flee their homes as a result of war and conflict. We are supporting programs that help displaced Syrian and Yezidi women overcome severe emotional trauma, teach them about their rights, acquire new business and vocational skills, and form networks for support and advocacy.

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Over the next three years, WfWI will provide psychosocial support services, and life and business skills training to 3,000 Syrian and Yezidi women in the KRI to help them overcome trauma and find the resources needed to rebuild their lives.

Since 2003, WfWI has served more than 14,000 women across Iraq, offering support, tools, and access to critical skills to move from crisis and poverty to stability and economic self-sufficiency.

Engaging Men as Partners and Allies

In addition, WfWI is working to engage the men in these communities as partners and allies in women’s social and economic empowerment. By targeting male relatives, religious, and community leaders, WfWI is facilitating critical dialogues that are changing discriminatory attitudes and behaviors toward women.