About the Women We Serve in Rwanda

Women care for 3 children on average

Average daily income is $1.35 at enrollment

36% have no formal education

From rural villages to the national parliament where women hold two-thirds of the seats, women in Rwanda are leading the rebuilding of their country. In the aftermath of the devastating 1994 Genocide, the challenge of creating a lasting peace depended greatly on the actions of women, who were the majority of survivors.

Women like Euphrasie have forged a new path. With your help, the Women for Women International – Rwanda team provides our yearlong training program for women, as well as specialized vocational training to cooperatives formed by graduates. To continue to invest in women’s ability to rebuild their country, they have opened the first-ever Women’s Opportunity Center in Rwanda.


Our Impact

Since 1997, Women for Women International – Rwanda has served more than 76,000 women through our yearlong program.

Contributing to the Rwandan government’s Vision 2020 and Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy, the Women’s Opportunity Center integrates economic transformation, rural development, and productivity, in a space of learning and renewal for women in the Kayonza area and beyond.

After graduating from our program, women report positive changes in four key areas:

Women earn and save money: Women report average personal earnings of $2.10 per day at graduation, compared to $1.35 at enrollment.
Women develop health and well-being: 83 percent of participants report practicing family planning at graduation, compared to 72 percent at enrollment.
Women influence decisions in the home and community: Nearly 98 percent of participants report participating in household financial decisions at graduation.
Women create and connect to networks for support and advocacy: More than 91 percent of participants report sharing information about their rights with other women at graduation, compared to 28 percent at enrollment.

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Workforce Training Partnerships

Since 2008, Bloomberg Philanthropies has supported marginalized women in sub-Saharan Africa to gain new job skills, basic business training, life skills, and a support network. Bloomberg Philanthropies is currently supporting innovative workforce training for women in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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