Women in war-torn countries bear the brunt of both poverty and conflict. Women for Women International strives to support them by responding to conflict when we are most needed and can make the most impact.

By 2030, The World Bank forecasts that 50 percent of those living in poverty will be in fragile and conflict-affected states, up from 17 percent currently. What is required in these contexts is sustainable investment in women to help them rebuild societies from the ground up. This is where Women for Women International excels.
Conflict response, usually launched through partnerships with local organizations, is a fundamental part of our DNA. In the Balkans, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Nigeria, South Sudan, and Afghanistan partnerships led us to establish our programs. In 2017, after two years of partnerships, we opened our country office in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, to support women impacted by conflict in Iraq and Syria, including Yezidi women prosecuted by ISIS. In Jordan, now hosting more than 650,000 refugees from Syria, we provide training on the prevention of violence against women, civic engagement, and access to legal services, as well as psychosocial therapy. In northern Uganda, home to more than a million refugees from South Sudan, we provide programs focusing on the prevention of violence against women, access to savings groups and other economic empowerment activities. In Bauchi State, Nigeria, we serve women displaced by conflict- many fleeing Boko Haram’s violence.
Our work is far from over. Together with your help, we stand poised to engage and start rebuilding in dozens of coutnries as soon as it is safe and viable to do so.