Even when peace is restored and stability takes hold, it can take decades for countries and societies that have been torn apart by war and conflict to build a foundation for sustaining peace. We can and do respond to the crises of our time, but when conflict is no longer in the headlines, we will remain on the ground, working to build stronger women and stronger nations.

When our organization first began in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993, Rwanda in 1997, and Kosovo in 1999, we set up country office programs to serve the most marginalized women who were survivors of conflict, genocide, and war. Today, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo have evolved and transitioned to independent local NGOs that continue to build a stronger civil society that engages local participants to serve more women.

In the coming years, we will also support the transition of the Rwanda country office to a local NGO. We will support the new NGO’s efforts to ensure continued support to the women of Rwanda who still need these services. We will also support the Urugo Women’s Opportunity Center in Rwanda as it becomes a sustainable social enterprise, serving thousands of community members and graduates of our program.

We are dedicated to fortifying these local organizations that will continue to build on the legacy we established 25 years ago to support the most courageous women on earth. As they graduate to a new status, we can open more offices in new countries.