With limited access to health services and education, patriarchal norms, and mounting violence, Nigerian women are fighting to gain economic opportunities and equality. Common discriminatory practices, amplified by extremist groups, subject women and girls to dangers like forced early marriage and the possibility they will face violence for going to school. 

When supported by her peers and given powerful tools and opportunities, even the most marginalized woman can develop her confidence and skills to transform her life, her family, and her community. 

Over the past 25+ years, Women for Women International has reached nearly 79,500 women through our Stronger Women, Stronger Nations program. 

Our Nigeria team spearheaded the organization’s first men’s engagement program to bring men into the conversation around gender equality. Since the beginning of the MEP, our team has engaged 12,000 men. In addition to this supplementary programming, the Change Agents program in Nigeria continues to thrive as graduates work with women in their communities to provide health references, connect with women involved in sexual violence cases, and build a larger network for women across the nation. 

Last year, our Change Agents made history by opening a primary school in the Rudugungu community – the first to open in 50 years! Through their persistent advocacy to community and government leaders, these women achieved increasing educational access for young girls, who made up half the number of 92 students who joined on the first day.