Influence Decision Making

Whether it is in the home or in the community, women’s voices and opinions matter. This is why our program is designed to give women knowledge of their rights, because with that knowledge comes the power to act and influence.

Through our program, women learn about the power of civic participation, voting, and negotiation. Together, they find the confidence to raise their voices on issues affecting their lives and to educate other women on how to stand up for their rights.

Why it matters: Learning about human rights gives women the confidence to raise their voices and men the ability to respect the opinions of the women in their lives.

What our graduates report: More women say they participate in household family planning and decision making – 89 percent report participating in these decisions after graduation, compared to 64 percent at enrollment.

The average woman...
31-40 years old

Average age


Average marital status 


Average years of formal education

Connect to Networks for Support

From village savings and loan associations to stress management sessions, women have each other to rely on for support, strength, and solidarity amid conflict and displacement.

woman with headscarf

Your monthly gift of $35 provides a woman with skills to support her family and creates sustainable change.