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FAQs: Women for Women International's Afghanistan Response

What is Women for Women International doing to respond to the situation in Afghanistan?

Our regular programs have been paused for security reasons, but we hope to resume them as soon as we can. Our normal Stronger Women, Stronger Nations program provides cash, training, business skills, and referrals to services such as psychosocial support for women survivors of war and conflict. We are assessing how we will be able to continue these services in the new reality.

Our top priorities are protecting our staff and being a lifeline to the women we serve. We are also organizing psychosocial support for some of our most vulnerable staff and for women we serve. As the situation evolves, we are reaching out to leaders to assess how we can continue our programs.

Women across Afghanistan—especially women’s rights advocates—are concerned they will lose hard won rights to education, health care, employment, and freedom to travel and leave their homes. These are difficult hours and days, but our team is still confident that given our history of working with community and religious leaders across the spectrum, engaging men as well as women, that we will be able to continue to serve our participants and their families safely. 

Over the past few decades, we’ve reached more than 120,000 women in Afghanistan, and we hope to increase services for those who are displaced and those who need us most now. Whatever happens in the coming days, weeks, and months, we hold true to the idea that women can and should help shape the future of Afghanistan. Our international community of supporters matters now more than ever.  

As our top priority, we are working with our Country Director and Senior Staff in Afghanistan to confirm that our staff and participants are safe. 

We're adapting our program to meet the current situation, including:

  • We are working to secure visas for those who wish to leave.
  • We are supplying women with solar powered phones so while isolated they can connect with each other and to our team, as well as get vital information and cash transfers.
  • We are providing referrals to services such as psychosocial support for women in the country.
  • We have suspended classes at all locations in the interim to ensure the utmost safety for our staff and participants. Once we feel it is safe to do so, we will resume programs.
  • We are calling on the Biden Administration to act immediately to protect and support Afghan women.

Our commitment to supporting communities in Afghanistan remains, with the ultimate goal of continuing operations locally and supporting as many women as possible.

How can I help women in Afghanistan now?

You can make an emergency contribution to help us reach as many women as possible in Afghanistan right now. DONATE NOW >>

You can add your name to our open letter, asking the Biden Administration to protect and support women. SIGN NOW >>

From our CEO, Laurie Adams  

“To our Afghanistan team, we are proud of you, we are with you, and all our hope and love is with you, as well as our commitment to working alongside you to find practical, safe, solutions so that we can continue to operate and make a positive difference for the people of Afghanistan who have already suffered far too much and who deserve peace and prosperity.” 

Thank you for being concerned about the well-being and safety of the communities in Afghanistan along with us. Please check back here for ongoing updates as we move through these unprecedented times.

Woman walking in black burqas

As Afghanistan faces increasing violence and uncertainty, women need your support more than ever. Make an emergency gift today to provide a lifeline for women in all the countries we work during their time of need.