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Earn and Save Money


Through our program, women receive a stipend and learn vocational and business skills to earn their own income. In addition, associations and savings groups formed by Women for Women International help women expand their businesses.

Whether it’s breadmaking or poultry raising, women learn vocational skills that are marketable in their communities, so they can start small ventures and begin earning an income. Our program also gives women the opportunity to learn important business and numeracy skills, so they can keep track of their earnings and increase them. Every woman who joins our program receives a monthly stipend, so she can practice saving and making financial decisions. She also receives guidance in establishing or joining cooperatives, associations, or village savings and loan associations (VSLAs) so she and other women in her community can make the most of their earnings together.

Why it matters: Learning how to earn and save money gives women the ability to provide for their family's needs and the independence to invest in a new future.

What our graduates report: Women say their earnings have grown an average, women report daily personal earnings of $5.32 after graduation, compared to $1.91 at enrollment. In addition, the percentage of women saving a portion of their earnings increases by 58% by graduation.

The average woman in our program:
Icon Women 2
31-40 years old
two interlocking rings representing marriage
icon of an apple on top of a book, representing education
No formal education

Influence Decision Making

Whether it is in the home or in the community, women’s voices and opinions matter. This is why our program is designed to give women knowledge of their rights, because with that knowledge comes the power to act and influence.

Women Fleeing Afghanistan
”Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.” —Dalai Lama