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Impact Outcomes


As each woman participates in our program, she works to strengthen herself across four critical areas of social and economic empowerment.

Together with allies and advocates, we work to shift social norms that hold women back from reaching their full potential.  

Our intensive training program and support focuses on four key outcomes for women to help them rebuild and move forward.

We continue to see meaningful progress on each of these key measures:

Health and Wellbeing
Develop Health and Wellbeing

Conflict, war, and poverty is detrimental to people’s physical and mental health. Our program helps women emotionally heal from trauma. 

Earn and Save Money
Earn and Save Money

Our program gives women the tools they need to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. 

Influence Decision Making
Influence Decision Making

Discrimination, marginalization, and violence silence women’s voices. We create a safe space for women to gain confidence, skills and make their voices heard.  

group of graduates
Connect to Networks for Support

We are stronger together. Building networks of support builds stronger women and stronger nations. 

Change Social Norms
Change Social Norms

For women to grow and thrive, society’s unspoken rules must shift to support women, not limit them.  

We have worked with over 531,000 of the world’s most marginalized women to gain the skills, confidence, and hope they need to rebuild their lives and their futures. 

DRC woman smiling
Milestones like these are a time for reflection — on the courage, power, and resilience of every woman we serve, and on the lives you’ve changed through your support.